Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fast Eddie Friday....An honest conversation about race from the white of my eyes.

Civil rights leaders have said it over and over.  The attorney general, Eric the red Holder, calls us too cowardly to have it. The President insists we need to do it. So let's have at it. An honest conversation about the racial divide from a middle aged creepy ass cracka. So here we go, Fast and loose.

You can search through the early archives of this blog and other than the writing style, you'd think someone else wrote it. There was a shift, a tipping point. Somewhere I went from a moderate liberal-ish type to what some would say is a not so moderate right wing loon. That's especially true where my views on race are concerned. In my earlier stuff, I made the contention that young criminally inclined black males just needed some guidance, maybe a trade, a decent shot, because hey, the fuckin deck is stacked against them. Full disclosure here, It was bullshit then and if anyone is selling it today, it's still bullshit. I'd say the final tipping point came after my uncle Jimmy Ray was beaten and robbed in his own home by 3 young black scholars. He never recovered physically or psychologically. Though he would never admit it, he lived out that last year or so of his life in constant fear. He lasted another year or so, never quite right, not really the same guy I'd idolized since my childhood. His wife, my aunt, hung around for another year after his death. I'd wager she spent most nights awake, in fear, locked up in her home, awaiting the return of the misunderstood youths to  finish what they started.

I'll let you all in on a secret. When the vast majority of people think of young black males, myself included, they see these guys. If they tell you otherwise, they are fucking liars. Even those uber leftist , save the children types, they see these guys every time some young black kid gives them that sleepy eyed prison yard stare.
These fine young cannibals beat and repeatedly stabbed a Kansas City Metro bus driver.

Notice the concern of the other passengers? Yeah, neither did I.  Although I did see the young woman pick up something off the floor. I'm going to assume it was the drivers wallet, if for no other reason than the way she stood right next to the the guy getting beat and stabbed, like she was waiting in line at Mcdonalds. If the driver had a gun, I wonder if Eric Holder would have told him to retreat as he suggested when addressing the recent meeting of the NAACP.  My recommendation, had he been armed, unload, reload, unload, lather, rinse , repeat.

Before I continue, here's a disclaimer..... Not all young black males are willing to beat and stab you to avoid paying a one dollar bus fare. It's up to you to decide if you want to assume the best or worst.I'd recommend erring on the side of caution. ......

In a perfect world we would all join hands, sing a sappy song, buy each other a coke. But this isn't a perfect world, not even close.

There's two sides to every coin. Al Sharpton and the talking airheads on MSNBC or Slate, or Huffington Post, or any of the usual mainstream peddlers of horse shit would have you believe that AmeriKKKa is overflowing with white boogey men. Armed to the teeth, white sheet in their pick up truck, hunting down innocent African Americans. These same race baiting poverty pimps would have you believe that if you fear young black males then you are the problem. You are what is holding America back like it's Selma Alabama circa 1959. You should feel ashamed. Furthermore, you should make amends by reacting with righteous indignation to any negative critique of young urban black youth. You should join the right rev. Sharpton in his mass protests planned for this Saturday.  Should you decide to join in on these protests, you'll hear the fairy tale of young black males being murdered by the George Zimmermans and Jack Booted cops. What you won't hear is this......

African Americans make up about 13 percent of the population. They account for roughly half of all homicide victims. At least 94 percent of these victims are murdered by other African Americans. They are 6 times more likely than whites to be murdered. Seven times more likely to murder someone.  I didn't pull these numbers out of thin air or my ass. These are the hard cold facts in America today.

So there it is. The honest jagged edged take on race and crime in this country, as seen through the eyes of a soon to be 54 year old creepy ass cracka. The big secret, the one most people are too afraid, ashamed, or patently dishonest to admit.......most people, white, black, brown, whatever, most people, in their heart of hearts, see it the same way. That kid with the sleepy eyed stare in his saggy pants and 3x t shirt is suspect. The proof is on the news nightly. Sure he could be harmless, a 3.0 honor student, or not.

Monday, July 15, 2013

George Zimmerman....I hear Peru is nice this time of year.

Justice for Trayvon....... By now it's as familiar as a commercial jingle for dish soap or some other product that plays on a continuous loop in your head, "Hey Culligan Man" . It's also just as meaningless.  In another time and place, justice would have been served at the conclusion of the Zimmerman trial. But the game has changed, Lady justice has a cheese cloth blindfold these days. She can see right through that sucker. Justice is no longer blind and a not guilty verdict just means round one didn't go your way. The media did everything possible to convict George Zimmerman in the court of public opinion. They edited 911 tapes, they called him white and when that proved wrong, they made up a whole new term, White Hispanic. They ran 5 year old photos of a chubby cheeked 12 year old Trayvon. They painted a picture that would have you thinking young Tray was skipping home in  Smurf  Pajamas and a baby  bonnet. Even President Obama jumped into the fray, proclaiming Trayvon to be the son he never had.

 Despite all of that, the state couldn't get a conviction.

In a sane and just world a not guilty verdict would have been the last word in the Zimmerman case. Never mind that Zimmerman is a marked man. Put aside all of the death threats, Black Panther bounties, and the inevitable civil lawsuit. In a sane world, but not in our world.

No sooner than the verdict was read, the bell for round 2 rang. The Justice Department is considering charges against Zimmerman, at the urging of  esteemed civil rights folks like Al and the right reverend Jackson. The  NAACP, and pretty near every liberal pundit who could get on a Sunday morning news show. The seemingly conflicting twin mantras have been repeated ad nauseum. Remain calm. Justice wasnt served.  Justice for Trayvon.

The message will become clearer over the next week or two. Here's the message stripped of all the PC bull shit. Bring federal charges against George Zimmerman or we will burn this mother fucker to the ground. 

40 black people shot by black men in Chicago over the 4th of July weekend .
Justice for Trayvon.
Half a dozen black on black murders here in Kansas City over the past 10 days.
Justice for Trayvon.
The leading cause of death for young black males is young black males.
Justice for Trayvon.

Make no mistake, the Trayvon Martin /  George Zimmerman saga has nothing to do with justice. It has everything to do with payback. From Jim Crow to Bull Connor. In the minds eye of every current civil rights pimp, the Sharptons and Jacksons, the liberal left media, and all the way to the U S Justice dept. and the White House, it's time for a reckoning, setting right the wrongs that happened before most of us were born.

My advice to Zimmerman. Visit your mothers people in Peru. Make it a permanent vacation.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chicago will be safer after the Presidents speech or How to blow smoke up the ass of America. Pick a title.

Today the POTUS will surround himself with children. Children who we are to believe took it upon themselves to write the White House, because lets face it, who among us didn't write the president at some point during their childhood? Liberal anti gun folks will sit in front of their televisions, eyes brimming with tears as they hang on every word that rolls from Barry's lips. Newtown ,Aurora, Gabby Giffords, and Columbine will be referenced repeatedly. A bloody mantra. When it's all over, not a single life will have been saved. We won't be any safer. We WILL be even more divided as a nation. Those who support any and every thing Obama proposes will pat themselves on their collective back. They will stroke their fragile egos. They will assure themselves that THEY are the better people. They CARE.  They are what is GOOD and RIGHT in this country. They will go about their lives never questioning why their concern, their collective outrage, doesn't or hasn't to this point, extended beyond the rare mass shooting to the ever present and ongoing daily violence that plagues this country.

Meanwhile, here in the real world, people will continue to die. Chicago will continue to be more dangerous than Iraq or Afghanistan. Blood will run through the streets of every major and minor city in the nation. The president probably wont mention Chicago, even though he began his swift rise to power in Chi town. He owns a home there. A home that will continue to be protected by Secret Service agents for the remainder of Obamas life or at least as long as he owns it. We chortle derisively at the mention of armed guards in schools, but never utter a sound at the hypocrisy of protecting an unoccupied house with armed guards. 

African Americans who voted for Obama simply because of his ethnicity won't bother to question why the killings of mostly white children has drawn such a dramatic response while their own children die at the hands of one another as regularly as a clock ticks. They will praise the administration for taking a stand against the hoardes of hillbillies who legally own guns, who never commit a single crime. Their world won't be any safer in the inner city. They still won't sleep in front of windows, or sit on their porches late of a summer evening.
They will mistakenly believe that new gun laws that restrict law abiding Americans from protecting themselves somehow makes the world a safer place. They won't question how. They will just blindly and stupidly believe. The next day or the following hour, another of their young will lay bleeding out on cold concrete. Nothing will change.

In Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, or any other city, African Americans will continue to die in disproportionate numbers, at  their own hands. They won't be killed in mass shootings while in school. The predators who rule their streets and instill fear in their lives will continue the business of killing. and business is booming. The liberal left will cheer the President for his brave action. They will high 5 one another. They will swell with pride for being  good and decent, forward thinking folks. They will go back to their suburban lives, in their idyllic neighborhoods, and quicker than you can say Chai Latte with Soy Milk, another family in the urban core will bury another child.

Gun violence in this country isn't about who has the most bullets, the fastest firing pistol, or the most guns. Gun violence in this country is overwhelmingly about gang violence, a lack of value on human life, and a culture that celebrates sociopaths. Violence in this country cannot be placed solely on any single race or subculture. However, a disproportionately small percentage of society is responsible for an equally disproportionately high percentage of death and violence in this country. Until people develop the stones to speak on it, nothing will change. But at least folks can feel good that Obama cares about rare mass shootings, even if he has ignored the deaths of young black boys who  look like his own son, if he had one. Nothing political about that. Nothing to see here. Move along and stay clear of windows.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fast Eddie Friday...Looking at the bright side through rose colored night vision goggles

In the aftermath of a stinging and shocking defeat it's easy to be depressed. I'll admit its been as tough of a week for me as it has been for many of my fellow Old Angry White Dudes and the barefoot and pregnant gingham prairie dress women who love us , lest they get beat with a stick. As 200 hundred of you loyal rubes are aware, I'm an eternal optimist.  I ALWAYS look at the bright side of life. So I've taken it upon myself as an old angry white guy to point out the top 5 reasons you should be glad Obama won the election.

5.  We are going to be a slimmer nation. Lets face it, we are some fat sombitches. Why else would the first lady have spent the last 4 years telling us to eat our peas and do some jumping jacks. Remember when you were starting out on your own? You left the nest, got that shitty studio apartment, and lived on ramen noodles and bologna? You were lean and mean right? Well as the economy tanks and jobs disappear, so to shall the days of cake and steak. You fat bastards are going to finally get those pesky pounds shed.

4. Comic relief. Laughter is the best medicine. We have 4 more years of Biden. If we are really lucky he might run in 2016.  I can feel you smiling at the computer screen right now.

3. The Ron Paulers and Tea Party people are saying they are going to take over between now and 2016. Hey, nothing says shits and giggles like isolationist foreign policy and tricorn hats. ;)  I'm sure the people who voted for Obama because Romney was going to cut entitlements are gonna love these two groups of "real conservatives". 2016 is in the bag!

2. We can finally declare racism dead! Sure there were all those "I'm gon riot if Romneys wins, or I'm gonna assasinate Romney if he wins" tweets. I was a little worried, I've gotta admit. But the media and the Secret Service is all over that shit, or at least the single anti Obama facebook post where some white woman called Obama the n word.

1. If shit starts to get dicey in the middle east fear not. Potus will just stroll in with his sharp crease and sing a few bars of  "My Girl". Lets face it nothing soothes and calms like the Temptations. Maybe he can challenge Ahmadinejad to a pickup game of horse or a round of golf. Winner gives up their nukes. Fear not, Obama has a hella 3 pointer.

In the words of Lil Orphan Annie and Jay Z, "It's a hard knock life" but at least we can all go to hell in a hand basket, or maybe one of those kick ass Chevy Volts. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Steady and Solid gets trumped by Shallow, Stupid, and Stubborn.

A million years ago I was a kid spending long hot summers with my maternal grandparents in Oklahoma. At 5, 6, or 7 years old, the world was my oyster even if that world was confined to red sandy dirt, goat head stickers hiding in the grass, waiting for  the bare feet of a young boy, and a sweetly eccentric grandma who smoked Lark cigarettes in a chicken coop. Those were good days. Plenty of bad shit would weave it's way in and out of the ensuing years, but for a few summers things were good. Innocent. My Grandfather was typical Okie stock. Honest, hard working, quiet, solid. Big Smith bib overalls , a denim shirt, wellington boots, a hat outdoors and a bald pate untouched by the sun indoors. He read the paper, watched the news, and on Sundays it was Lawrence Welk and maybe Ed Sullivan. He was the first man I recall admiring,was in awe of. By the time I was 13 or so, a few years prior to his death, well on my way to wild,  my grandpa seemed boring, dull, my admiration dead and done. Most of you know the rest of the story. Reformatories, prisons, wasted years. I haven't set foot in that red Oklahoma dirt in 25 years or better.

Fast forward to now.

If you were to look around you at any given moment of the day chances are you wouldnt see guys cut from the same cloth as my Grandfather.  They aren't standing in line at Starbucks or Panera waiting for their bean sprout and free range chicken panini. They are busy plowing a field or shaping a piece of wood into something useful. The rest of the world is busy trying to keep up with the latest trend or pissing themselves at the effete vision of what passes for the modern, according to Hoyle man. Today its all style, flash, and bullshit.  Steady and solid is looked upon with disdain and derision. Somehow we lost our way. What once mattered when taking the measure of a man has changed.

I'm probably going to ramble too long, but stick with me and I'll get where I'm going.

My Grandfather was a commercial roofer. Hot tar, hot enough to burn you to the bone, mopped onto flat roofs in oppressive Oklahoma summer heat. He employed about a half dozen men cut from the same cloth as himself. Steady. Solid. None of them, including my Grandfather Delbert, graduated high school. They grew up during the depression, school was a luxury their families could ill afford. Everyone worked or everyone starved. Delbert left behind his childhood before it had run it's course. He built a small business. He supported 4 children and a wife. He employed those other like minded men who in turn supported families of their own. I guess you could say Delbert was a hero of sorts, at least that's how I see him in retrospect. In reality he was the rule of his time rather than the exception.

Delbert has been dead and gone for more than 35 years. If he were alive today he would be a minority. a working class white man who believed in God, family, his country. He believed a mans worth hinged on his usefulness, his contribution, his labor. Values that are mocked by the ruling class today. His values, lack of proper education, his anglo roots, his home in fly over country, all would brand him as a hick and probably a racist one to boot. Liberal shit heels from the east and west coasts, along with their lesser lap dog compatriots here in the midwest, hold nothing but contempt, fear, and loathing for men like Delbert.

And here is where I was heading, like it or not. And some of you won't.

The country made a decision a couple of days ago. Try to rebuild what once made this country strong, or stick with the newest new deal. Hard often painful sacrifice, or a giant nest of  angry little birds with their beaks open, demanding to be fed and cared for long after they should have left the nest. Over half the country chose the latter. The media and liberal Americans derided and villified the candidate who built a fortune, saved businesses, cared for his family and complete strangers. A good and decent man. Steady. Solid. Boring by todays standards. They chose instead a modern day definition of a man. Vain, arrogant, lacking humility when it was called for, and full of it when it was least required. This country and a good share of it's people, chose style and bullshit over steady and solid. We lost. We ALL lost.

Now the arm chair quarterbacks, political pundits, and more than a few Tea Party zealots have begun to pick through the bones. Romney was just Obama in white face. He wasn't far right enough. The proof is in his loss. Or so they say.  I say the loss was inevitable because the standard by which we measure and admire a man has become two polar opposites. One the one hand is the weak spined metrosexual who believes we are a country that needs to pay for it's success. Offering alms for the sin of being a great nation.  On the other hand is an uncompromising and angry rabble who stupidly believe that they can bend a majority to capitulate to their all or nothing mentality. Steady and solid have left the building. Stupid and stubborn have taken up residency.