Thursday, August 25, 2011

Social media Jihad...Save the Plaza from new business. Ignore the gunfire.

They are back. Like an outbreak of  herpetic lesions on an Indy avenue hooker.
Threatening business owners on the Plaza. Using bully tactics. Most of them don't even live in Kansas City proper. Many of them don't even live in the state of Missouri. The single purpose of this mob is to take over a shopping district they neither own or have any actual investment in.

If you think I'm referring to mobs of black kids running amok through the streets of the Country Club Plaza. I'm not. If you think I'm talking about a small group of single minded, pompous, pushy,  non civic minded douche bags, from the Save the Plaza 2010 Facebook page...winner winner, free range, over priced, chicken dinner. You are correct.

This tiny but loud group of zealots who have appointed themselves not only the overseers of a privately owned property which they have no monetary interest in, but also the voice of a city. Never mind that half of these trolls don't even live in Kansas City, or the state of Missouri.  TheFriends of the Plaza / save the plaza  group is a glaring example of everything that is wrong with social media.

You would think this group who rabidly confesses their love for the shopping district would be up in arms over Highwoods piss poor response to weekly mobs of out of control kids. You would think that these suburban jihadists would be up livid over 3 kids getting shot on the sidewalk of their stuccoed hallowed mecca. Well you would be as wrong as a Nambla member at a boys leapfrog race.  There have been no public showings of outrage and furious anger over bullets flying and ill mannered shit heels overtaking the streets of the Plaza.  Not. One. Single. Concerted Peep. No protests. No signs. No Save the Plaza citizen patrols. No press conferences. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Bupkiss.

The latest cause du jour. A new restaurant is set to open....and gasp......wait for it.......The restaurant won't be covered in stucco!!!!!!!!  Seasons 52's facebook page is being inundated with threats from the self righteous french poodle crowd. Some of the members are calling for a blanket boycott of the Plaza. This would seem to run contrary to their professed love of and loyalty to the Plaza. In a rough economy, boycotting businesses that are already feeling the pinch might be the final straw for many of these businesses.  With an unemployment rate hovering in the 9 + percentage range, these clowns are doing their dead level best to drive away employers, kill jobs, and stagnate progress in a city that is already in a downward spiral.

Here are a few money quotes from Plaza zealots on the   Seasons 52 Facebook page.

Can't wait for this restaurant to fail and watch its insulting façade go down with it. Best, Concerned Kansas Citian."

Seasons 52 - It's not too late! Stop spending all that money making Kansas City angry! It's still far cheaper for you to do the RIGHT THING!!!!

omg- highwoods was not thinking when they signed on this company.
or maybe money was talking. It is shameful how they have destroyed a
historic beautiful site to make way for this strip mall, low class facade,
Might as well signed on Chilis or wendys.

Listen to Kansas City!! Right now we are mumuring; just wait until you hear us  ROAR!!!!!!
How many equally agitated Kansas Citians would it take to dismantle that scaffolding. Now that's a flash mob I could support.

Facebook specifically, can be and has been a great tool for some good causes. Want to find a cure, save a whale, make a wish, or any other do good type mission, then good for ya. There is nothing wrong with a good, selfless cause that benefits someone or something. Everything that is right about social media, is also everything that is wrong with social media. You get a relativly small group of people, loud, obnoxious, shallow, meat puppets, who become the self appointed voice for an entire city. So you get what we have with the Save the Plaza clowns.  It's okay to bleed out on the sidewalks of the Plaza. It's perfectly fine to flash mob, bully, and harass shoppers. But by God you better be surrounded by stucco when you do it or there will be hell to pay.


  1. New Country Club Plaza restaurant returns to original facade after complaints of new look.

    This is good last thing we needed was a place that lookes like Jack In The Box on The Plaza

  2. Seasons 52 demonstrated a degree of integrity and sensitivity that is sorely lacking in a large part of corporate America today!

  3. You're right, of course, about everything right about social media also being everything wrong about it but in the case of the Save the Plaza group, that they are now, apparently, getting Polsinelli to go into the West Edge project seems to show they did the right thing and the outcome is best for all. No new, ugly, shiny, contemporary building in the middle of the Plaza and they're going into the building that was unused, too. Wins in both places.

  4. I'm still waiting on one of you nimrods to explain why your concern for the Plaza only extends to threatening business owners, while remaining mute up over the mobs who were destroying business for the majority of the summer. No press confrences or protest marches.
    Kudos though on bullying your narrow agenda through.

  5. writing comments on facebook requires no effort or thought. I am sure they are all taking credit now.

  6. Maniak ProductionsFriday, August 26, 2011

    Looks like anony #2 is a member of "friends of the plaza".

    I have no time or use for facebook. Thought about starting my own social media, and calling it assbook.

    Everybody got your profile pictures ready?

  7. I joined and then quit Facebook. I didn't want my face on their book. I don't want them to know anything about me and believe me, everybody will. Potential employers love it. The police love it. Your lover loves it.

    As for the Plaza situation, sorry, I don't care. Go down there to eat once in a blue moon. Never shop there. Flash mobs aren't my thing either.

    Crawling back into my cave.

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