Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Independence Grocery recovers lead tainted meat...

I'll be the first to admit I was one of the people who warned everyone that the conceal and carry law was a bad idea. It was only going to be a matter of time before some Charlie Bronson wanna be popped a cap in some kids ass for pointing a water pistol at a friend. There was no way that mayhem could not result from allowing any chuckle head with a permit to carry heat. Well , I, ...I was....wro....wron...wrong. That's right ,I said it, I Was Wrong. While there have been a few incidents, for the most part it seems like we have avoided reenactments of the OK Corral. So I was wrong. Sort of. Leave it to Independence Mo. to prove me right. I told you something bad was gonna happen. But did you listen? Nooooooo. Okay, I'm getting a little carried away. An isolated incident isn't proof that people walking around toting guns is anymore dangerous than talking on your phone while you drive, probably less dangerous. Still this Bit O News from Indy is too sweet to let pass without comment.

It starts like a bad joke, then it becomes one. Three idiots walk in to a Grocery store..........., Fox 4 had a short bit on the evening news about a knot head in Indy, who shot a woman for stealing meat from a Sunfresh. Shit gets deeper, the would be Wyatt Earp didn't work at the store, it wasn't his meat, in fact he couldn't have known for certain, what, if anything, illegal took place, but that didn't stop him from shooting the woman boosting the Beef. Yeah, he shot a woman shoplifter. But there's more to the story. The manager follows a woman out of the store who lifted the meat. For some reason the store manager attached herself to the hood of the shoplifters car, that's where Captain Save an Idiot comes in. He hears a Cashier screaming for help, walks, actually hobbles up to the car, he is on crutches, and shoots the driver , a woman, in the arm. He claims she was trying to run him over, he felt his life and the managers life were in jeopardy.

Lets get this straight, the manager is laying on the hood of the car. Our hero is able to hop up to the car on one leg, so the car can't be moving at this point. He shoots the woman, and as a coup de grace, he does some shit right out of Starsky and Hutch, and shoots a tire. I get the whole "packin for personal safety" thing, and like I said, I grudgingly admit it hasn't been the blood fest I feared. People have been safe and responsible for the most part. But you can't go around shooting people without provocation, and stealing T bones ain't provocation. What if this guy had simply walked up on a lovers spat, girlfriends fighting, one tries to drive off, the other jumps on the hood, "Your not going anywhere bitch". Come on, who hasn't had a crazy girlfriend jump on your car hood? Anybody? Nobody? Somebody help me out here. Well take it from me , it happens. My point is, this guy doesn't know the play, he is walking up totally ignorant to the circumstances. This guy is the Guy I was worried about. The idiot with a gun, just waiting for the day to play Hero.

What if there had been a kid in a child restraint in the car, if it happened like he says, maybe he wouldn't have noticed, boom, dead baby on board. So the shooter isn't Captain save a Tard, he is Mr. I Can't Wait to Shoot Somebody. The cops haven't charged him, they did charge the woman. They should have charged the dick head for shooting the woman. Lest you think I missed anyone, lets talk about this Manager. I don't know how much meat this broad had in her drawers, maybe she had some of those crazy ass Hammer pants. You could get a couple sides of beef in a pair of those. So lets say this woman boosted a hundred bucks of meat, unlikely but whatever. So you are the manager of one of the two shittest Grocery stores in Indy. I've been there, once, trust me, it's a crappy store. You see someone leave the store with meat next to her monkey, so you chase her outside and dive on her parked car. Are you stupid? Yes, undeniably, and unfathomably so. ever hear of getting a tag number, a description, calling 911? Apparently someone slept through class when they explained how lamb chops weren't worth dying for.

What transpired in that store parking lot was a perfect storm of stupidity. A petty thief, a moronic store manager, and a clown with a pistol just dying to use it. The guys response to the reporter on 4 was priceless, and proof that this mental midget shouldn't be near any type of weapon. He said he would do it the same way again, no regrets. You can argue the shooter was justified, you can claim the manager was in danger, but anyone who shoots a shoplifter and doesn't have at least an iota of regret, that's not someone you want to be in the vicinity of at the wrong time. Maybe the meat thief had hungry kids, probably she was a dope fiend trying to re-up. Whatever her offense, it wasn't a shootable one. If you could hobble up to the car, get off two shots, then the car was stationary and not a threat. I'm sure more than a few will disagree with me on this one, but there are a million things that could go wrong in an incident like this. If the shooter can cover a fraction of those variables, he is a genius, this guy is no genius. But MM, your whole argument is based on what if's, hypothetical scenarios that didn't end up happening. My response, bullets don't know the difference, the shooter got lucky, things could have gone horribly wrong. When guns are involved, and lives are at stake, a fraction of a second can turn a what if, into a tragedy. If you shoot another human being, a tiny bit of regret or remorse should be a given, in this case it wasn't.


  1. It looks like if you pointed a weapon at someone lawfully and they then tried to run you down, you'd be well within your rights to defend yourself. Cops must have thought so too..

  2. No disagreement from me. I too carry a weapon-and have for many years. Never fired the thing-hope I never do. The idea of shooting someone over stolen property is absurd!! The whole concept of conceal and carry is to defend life and property-thats property as in your home-not meat from a grocery store. Just another good, good reason to avoid Indy.

  3. The idea of shooting someone over stealing food. FOOD, for crying out loud. Yes, stealing is bad, but it's not like she was stealing a Coach purse or something.

    With that in mind, I think everyone overreacted, including the manager by jumping on the hood of her car.

    And the sad part, Redneck Robert probably fancies himself a hero. Douche.

  4. I have to agree. This guy went way over the line using deadly force to stop a petty theft.

  5. mm, the most disturbing thing about this is not the one idiot with a gun, but all those who thought to comment on the story at the link you provided. It scares the crap out of me to know how many people thought he did the "right" thing.

  6. clearly, most of you did not read the story. he didn't shoot her for stealing food. Yes, that STARTED the scenario, but he says that he shot her because he felt she was going to run him over.

    as far as the manager being stupid, yes you are right it's not smart to jump on the hood of a moving vehicle over stolen meat. But he was trying to do the right thing. He's not to blame.

    just so you know, getting a tag always works on TV and in the movies. in real life it's a lead, but you'd be surprised by how often it doesn't pan out. car is stolen, tags are stolen, they get the tag number wrong, tags aren't registered at all, etc.

    and just because you have a tag doesn't mean that the person driving it is the owner. and if you find an owner they will usually give you some BS such as they loaned the car to a friend, but they don't know their name. Blah, blah, blah.

    again, not saying I would have done what either the manager or the shooter did. however they did what they felt was right.

    quit trying to make innocent people look like suspects and vice versa.

    it's weak smack.

  7. MM, as usual you bring your tainted slant to paint citizens and people that actually work for a living. I know you didn't actually read the story. The manager was trying to get a license number when the previously convicted felon (check case.net, I know there are people that scare your pathetic ass on there). The bitch ran her car at the manager, putting her on the hood. Get a clue dumbass. The guy that busted a couple of caps with a Legal CCW license that you are so fucking jealous you cannot get was more worried about his safety and the manager who was planted on the hood of the theiving skank's car. You play the "I was in Club Fed" for being a dumbass to give you street cred. Problem is, it ain't there. All of the sheeple that hang on your every tainted word and suck up to you because they thing you have something to add to the discourse are just as much of lamers as you are. As with all of the lame ass bloggers that can post their bullshit on the web, you do a fine job. Too bad the sheeple follow you. Maybe you can hook up with this felon skank, I bet she has more stories than you can ever make up, since she has done more time. Grow a pair, and get back to Midtown so you can hide in your apartment. You know nothing about this incident, so it would be in your favor to shut the fuck up about it.

  8. GB, RN:

    You are pretty fast and loose with the word douche, maybe you are in need of one? But I digress. Thank goodness for CCW laws. Maybe 6 years ago Ray Ninemire would have loved to have someone taking a shot at his murderer. Do yourself a favor. Read the whole story. Thanks for playing.

  9. Actually the story you are quoting is the later story from the examiner. The original story from fox told a different tale. Watch the video of our hero on this blog. He was on one leg, pointing down at the side window, according to his Charlie Bronson pantamime. Clearly you hang onto my every word as well, else you wouldnt have left that lengthy touching comment. While you are blubbering about facts being straight and reading the story, I only did a portion of my time in the fed system, the rest in missouri. Im afraid your stuck wiff me here in Indy, unless you want to take this house off our hands. Don't worry, I'll grow on ya skippy.

  10. The scary part is that if an innocent bystander gets hit by some stray lead, most likely the idiot who started shooting in the grocery store parking lot isn't going to have many assets to go after.

    It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere.