Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman...The circus comes to town.

A few facts remain constant in the Trayvon Martin case.  Martin is dead.  Zimmerman, the shooter, might as well be. The vast expanse that divides working class whites and urban blacks has never been more apparent. The longer this case drags on, and there seems to be no end in sight, the better chance it ends ala Rodney King L.A. riot style. Despite the hand wringing, media stoked outrage, and calls for justice, this case ends badly, justice has fled the scene. The media and assorted shit heels like slick Al Sharpton and various celebutards like Spike Lee and Ray Lewis,( seriously, Ray Lewis?) are all piling on the Trayvon Martin bandwagon. Before you get me twisted, this isn't an indictment against Martin or support for Zimmerman. The facts are trickling out, conflicting accounts from eye/ear witnesses. Zimmerman was out to kill a black kid vs. a black kid was out to whoop a white dude. Passions are running high, regardless of where you fall in the court of public opinion and perception.  As for me, I'm not sure what happened, only a few really know and at least one of them is dead.

Now Martins parents are headed to Washington to meet with the congressional black caucus. When is the last time the congressional black caucus met a pair of black parents who lost their child at the hands of another black male? I mean it's the leading cause of death of young black guys.
 Martins mother filed for trademarks on the "I am Trayvon" slogan.
Spike Lee tweeted Zimmermans address.

The New Black Panther Party has issued a wanted poster and 10k bounty for Zimmerman.
Somewhere in the heat of all the frustration and media stoked rage, the President weighed in. He informed us if he had a son he would look like Trayvon. He passed on the opportunity to call for cooler heads, or to denounce the hype and hyperbole of race baiters like King Louie Farrakhan who tweeted a not so veiled threat about retribution and some good old fashioned eye for an eye payback.

So the Trayvon Martin case has fewer similarities with Emmit Till or James Byrd Jr, and is becoming more and more about cashing in and pandering for votes.

There was a big vigil on the Plaza last night, one of many throughout the country. The Mayor was there. I couldn't help but wonder what many surely must be thinking but dare not utter, "Why all the outrage and emotion over a single killing, when there are so many here at home?" If you are looking for something to be outraged over, and not for nothing that's exactly what is motivating a good share of these protests, then how about a little outrage over the baby  who was recently shot, his mother and another person killed. Or how about the kids who sat in the back seat of the car as their parents were gunned down in the front seat, in broad daylight? The local media gave scant coverage to these recent KC atrocities. Meanwhile, the national media, Congressional black caucus leader and detector of Satan sandwiches Emmanuel Cleaver, and all of the other  assorted politicians, activists and shit heels of every stripe, have pretty much remained mute and absent.

The answer is easy. People only care when it can benefit them or their cause. Once that train starts rolling it doesn't stop until it arrives at Sanctimonious Bullshit Central.  There also weren't any mass national vigils for the 70 something Asian man killed by black youth during a game of knockout king in St. Louis, or any number of cold blooded crimes, at any time of day or night, all over the country.

They say Trayvon Martin has become a symbol. If by symbol they mean, the racist killing of a black kid by a semi white guy, they are wrong.  If by symbol they mean, a glaring display of Media, political, and mass public hypocrisy, then bingo, hit that nail on the head. When you latch on to a single, rare, isolated incident, while ignoring the mass extermination of a particular racial/age group, you are as full of shit as a Christmas goose, and as counterfeit as the ring masters of what has become a circus. Justice, like Elvis, has left the building, whatever the outcome in this case, justice won't play a role in it. So for those demanding an arrest or payback, absent all of the facts, stop calling for justice. Justice isn't what you want, you want blood, you want to affix blame, you want to assuage your white guilt or black anger. If you wanted justice, you would let it run it's course, not rush to it. So give it a name, payback, blood, eye for an eye, just don't confuse it with actual justice. That train left the station before the facts had a chance, and it ain't coming back.


  1. Maniak ProductionsTuesday, March 27, 2012

    Riddle me this Mark-what would happen to me if I were to put a public bounty out on the new black panthers?

    Do you think there would be an arrest warrant issued for me, and in how many languages would I be called a racist?

  2. Dead, dead, dead on the fuckin money Mark.

  3. DEar MM: Right on the money, MM!! Since it is obvious that all of the people "dumping fuel on the fire" know perfectly well that they could cause a terrible outbreak of racial violence, the question arises: Are they doing it as a sick power trip, or are they being paid to do it by the various political groups in the US whose agenda would be served by a repeat of the race riots in April 1968 after Dr. King's assassination? Terrible charge to make--but the truth must be faced--a lot of people are trying to cause a national outbreak of racial violence. Take care--keep telling it like it is. Sincerely, Ernest Evans

  4. Dear MM: PS: One additional thought. In the spring of 2008 Rev. Sharpton did everything he could to incite a race riot in NYC over the Sean Bell case. Now he is doing everything he can to incite a national series of race riots over the Trayvon Martin case. Sharpton knows that race riots would destroy the Obama Administration--the election of Barack Obama nearly put him out of his "racism business", his re-election would probably totally put him out to pasture. Sincerely, Ernest Evans

  5. I agree with everything you said, and said very well. One thing bothers me about this case though and that is the apparent fact that the police didn't contact the parents for 3 days after this kid was killed. They had his name at the time they found his body. I just read the police report. There is no excuse for that.

  6. Brilliant. You put into words exactly what I have been thinking about this whole fiasco. To coin your favorite phrase, "this country is as fucked up as a soup sandwich."

  7. For once, you're mistaken.

    It isn't that this is about people trying to "cash in" on a death. It isn't no one cares about the other people shot and killed.

    It's that one young man is dead and another person isn't even arrested, in spite of what seems like overpowering evidence.

    Not even arrested.

    He should be arrested, charged and ALL the facts brought out in a court of law. All of them. Then, with the judge and jury there, let them decide guilt or innocence.

    To date, society has decided Mr. Zimmerman is innocent. Lots of other people, looking in from the outside, see evidence that suggests--strongly--otherwise.

    You are mistaken in this, too: some of us out here really do, in fact, simply want justice. I'm not assuming guilt yet.

    But I'm sure as hell not assuming innocence.

  8. The whole matter of justice hinges on presumption of innocence Mo.
    "But I'm sure as hell not assuming innocence."
    What you want isnt justice if you expect an arrest absent of justifiable cause.

    and there isnt a preponderance of evidence suggesting a crime occured. in fact, there are independent statements saying Trayvon followed Zimmerman and jumped on him. You cant go out and arrest someone just because people think it should be so.

  9. To My Good Friend Mr. Kevins Evans (AKA "Mo Rage"): Yes, the case should be settled in the courts before judges and juries. And my assessment as to why there are a lot of people upset about Sharpton et al is that is precisely what they don't want. The slogan of "No Justice, No Peace" is the same slogan community leaders used in the Oakland subway shooting case--and when the courts did not give these leaders the result that they wanted they responded by sparking two separate incidents of race riots. This unsubtle attempt to use threats of race riots to get what they want is what is angering most Americans about Sharpton et al. George Zimmerman may well be guilty of every thing charged against him--but he deserves to be tried in court, not by 21st Century versions of the lynch mobs I heard about growing up in the South. When I worked as an undercover investigator for the ADL I met lots of white supremacists and hard-core racists--I assure you that they have the same mentality as Al Sharpton as far as being willing to use violence to get what they want--he is simply the reverse side of the coin. Take care!! Sincerely, Respectfully and In Christ, Ernest Evans (NO Relation, but I would be honored to be!!)

  10. To Dr. Evans, first--I don't think Al Sharpton has anything to do with this, period.

    To MM (Mark): George Zimmerman is, in fact, innocent, absolutely. At least he's innocent right now. But the fact is, again, a young man is dead and it's known Mr. Zimmerman killed him. There is easily enough evidence to show that he should be at least arrested and charged with manslaughter, as the police that night thought he should be. From the video from that same police office that arrested him, he wasn't bruised, cut or did he have a broken or bloody nose, as he claimed. There is clearly enough evidence to arrest him, charge him and prosecute the trial. Then, if a judge and jury in a court of law finds him innocent, great, fine, then we can live with that. But as it stands, a young man is dead and the shooter/killer isn't being arrested or charged with any crime.

    And that's wrong. That is hugely wrong.

  11. Why Zimmerman should be arrested, charged and tried, a short list:





    George Zimmerman needs to be arrested. He needs to be charged and he and this case need to go to court and be tried there, that's all there is to it. No assumption of guilt but definite need to prove innocence.

  12. "...absent of justifiable cause..?"

    A young man is dead, the known shooter called him a "coon" moments before, when the police told him not to pursue the young man and there is no "justifiable cause"?

    Seriously, there is.

  13. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/04/01/1078914/-If-Trayvon-Martin-had-been-white-and-George-Zimmerman-were-black

  14. Mo
    For every article you post there is another article or set of statements that contradicts it. And your last link is total bullshit. Blacks killing whites, usually during the commision of a crime is as common as a housefly. It just doesnt get the same attention or draw the same mass calls for justice. So spare me the what if Trayvon was white. We just had a white kid beat to death in the middle of a group of blacks in Westport. There were no crys of hate crimes. Just a dead kid who everyone implied had it coming for being drunk in Westport.

  15. And, I just learned that Trayvon's parents were asked to ID his body 12 hrs after the death, not 3 days as Sharpton and the media said. Furthermore, ABC enhanced the video of Zimmerman and there are indeed gashes on his head.

    Point being: We cannot believe a damn thing we read or hear in the press anymore. Is he guilty of a crime? I don't know. Is he innocent? I don't know and neither does anyone else until he's tried in a court of law. But the press IS guilty of misleading us and so is Al Sharpton, et al. Worse, they WANT to stir up race riots.

  16. Dear I Travel for JOOLS: Yes, the a lot of people in the national political class, for reasons of their own, are trying to incite a national wave of race riots. That is the only conclusion one can come to after the story broke today of NBC News editing the transcript of Zimmerman's 911 call to make it look like he was a racist--a lot of people have been knowingly "dumping fuel on the fire" in the hope of inciting a race riots all over the nation. On a national scale it is what we witnessed in KCMO in the spring of 2008 when a lot of local politicos, for reasons of their own, tried to incite a race riot over the Sofia Salva tragedy. We are a nation of lions led by donkees. Take care. Sincerely and Respectfully, Ernest Evans

  17. I say again, Al Sharpton is irrelevant in this.

    And JOOLS, that's just the point--you nor anyone knows if he's innocent or guilty of manslaughter but the young man is still dead. Zimmerman needs to be arrested and then he needs to be charged, go to court and have that innocence or guilt shown and proven in a court of law, away from the press who are just human and fallible and out for coverage, not "truth."

    He needs to be arrested, charged and tried, period. That's all.

    I can't imagine anyone being able to argue that he shouldn't be arrested, charged and tried, either.

  18. Dear Mr. Kevin: Thanks for your posting!! Actually, from what I know of the case, I fully agree that Zimmerman needs to be arrested and charged. My point is that that is a decision to be made by the judicial process--not by 21st century lynch mobs marching in the street chanting "no justice, no peace" (ie, if you thought LA in 1992 was bad you ain't seen nothing yet); not by people like Nancy Grace; not by op-ed writers, etc. Yes, they are fully entitled, as all of us Americans are, to have opinions on this case--where the line has been crossed in a most dangerous way is the unsutble treats of violence by a lot of people if the case is not resolved in a way that they like--which is exactly what happened in Oakland in 2010 where they had several days of riots in response to the outcome of the subway shooting case. We are a nation of laws--criminal cases are decided in courts before judges and juries--not in the streets, the media and the Internet. Personally, I think O J Simpson is guilty--but he was acquited in a court of law and I would be just as opposed to threatening him with lynch mob justice as I am opposed to doing that to George Zimmerman. Take care--keep doing the great job you are doing on your blog!! Sincerely, Respectfully and In Christ, Ernest Evans (NO relation, but I would be honored if I were!!)

  19. I feel you I kind of feel the same way I'm from Baltimore and people get killed everyday! I hope the true justice finds the Treyvon Zimmerman case but like you said people rolling their feelings and hurt into this and it's clouding some peoples perspective.

    Last summer we had two you white girls hit and ran over by some tourists driving a towncar.The car was later pulled over and release with a damage vehicle sitation. Then later asked to come in at their convience for questioning! Never heard anything else about this case! Where was Ray Lewis Then?