Friday, November 9, 2012

Fast Eddie Friday...Looking at the bright side through rose colored night vision goggles

In the aftermath of a stinging and shocking defeat it's easy to be depressed. I'll admit its been as tough of a week for me as it has been for many of my fellow Old Angry White Dudes and the barefoot and pregnant gingham prairie dress women who love us , lest they get beat with a stick. As 200 hundred of you loyal rubes are aware, I'm an eternal optimist.  I ALWAYS look at the bright side of life. So I've taken it upon myself as an old angry white guy to point out the top 5 reasons you should be glad Obama won the election.

5.  We are going to be a slimmer nation. Lets face it, we are some fat sombitches. Why else would the first lady have spent the last 4 years telling us to eat our peas and do some jumping jacks. Remember when you were starting out on your own? You left the nest, got that shitty studio apartment, and lived on ramen noodles and bologna? You were lean and mean right? Well as the economy tanks and jobs disappear, so to shall the days of cake and steak. You fat bastards are going to finally get those pesky pounds shed.

4. Comic relief. Laughter is the best medicine. We have 4 more years of Biden. If we are really lucky he might run in 2016.  I can feel you smiling at the computer screen right now.

3. The Ron Paulers and Tea Party people are saying they are going to take over between now and 2016. Hey, nothing says shits and giggles like isolationist foreign policy and tricorn hats. ;)  I'm sure the people who voted for Obama because Romney was going to cut entitlements are gonna love these two groups of "real conservatives". 2016 is in the bag!

2. We can finally declare racism dead! Sure there were all those "I'm gon riot if Romneys wins, or I'm gonna assasinate Romney if he wins" tweets. I was a little worried, I've gotta admit. But the media and the Secret Service is all over that shit, or at least the single anti Obama facebook post where some white woman called Obama the n word.

1. If shit starts to get dicey in the middle east fear not. Potus will just stroll in with his sharp crease and sing a few bars of  "My Girl". Lets face it nothing soothes and calms like the Temptations. Maybe he can challenge Ahmadinejad to a pickup game of horse or a round of golf. Winner gives up their nukes. Fear not, Obama has a hella 3 pointer.

In the words of Lil Orphan Annie and Jay Z, "It's a hard knock life" but at least we can all go to hell in a hand basket, or maybe one of those kick ass Chevy Volts. 


  1. How many more of these you gotta write before Hearne decides whether he wants you or not?

  2. No, heck no. There's no racism out there:

  3. Mo, you are color blind, you only see racism when It's evil whites. Lighten up, Obama won, its a new day.

  4. Mo is a big Eric Holder guy I am guessing.

  5. You forgot one. With the ObamaCare Death Panels, in a couple of years there will be far fewer old angry white guys to worry about. Of course, all the middle-aged white Obama supporters will, at some time in the future, become old (angry) white guys and what will be their fate?

  6. Midtown,

    You're the one who wrote in your last entry that America is going to heck in a handbasket and I'm the one who's supposed to "lighten up"?

    And pussy "Anonymous" from Friday: "death panels"? Really?

  7. And to Chuck--

    while I'm for the middle-class and the lower-class and the working man and what's good and right, in general, period, for the good of the nation, that doesn't remotely mean that I'm also a blind follower of all that is Obama, including Eric Holder.

    But then, if you think or if your realize I think, it's far more difficult to demonize me and anyone like me, isn't it?

  8. Just found out my hairdresser is on medicaid and food stamps. She owns the shop. She just bought a nice new car. She dresses in $100+ jeans. In fact, she bought a townhouse a couple of years ago. Wonder how all this happens?

    I am currently seeking a new hairdresser.

  9. Funniest thing I've read today. I had no idea that repugs are such a bunch of cry babies

    1. they are. they are HUGE crybabies.

  10. Hey Kevin, can you spell "hanging chad", little boy?

    Dan / Chicago

  11. Hanging chads, Anonymous/Dan/ from the 2000 election of Dubya?

    There's this, from Justice John Paul Stevens:

    and this:

  12. Mo Rage.

    I wasn't "demonizing" you.

    You thought calrification was necessary. Ok, cool.

    The persecution complex is unwarranted in this instance.

    Although it is noteworthy, that your automatic assumption of "deominization' with respect to our Prezident's Attn Gen is interesting, coming from a guy with your politics.

  13. Oh yeah, quotes from the hufffpo, now THERE is some sho' nuff journalistic excellence.

    Democrats on both coasts have spent the last 12 years screaming and crying about those evil republicans, but man, best to not say a word about the Commander-in-Thief or you're an evil racist.

    How's this, Mo...republicrat, demican, there is no difference. It's two sides of the same coin.

    Our Nation is managed by a Mandarin-class of Oligarchs who want nothing more than a population of serfs...and they've pretty much got it.

    You want to Rage? Check it out...Blacks are like a self-cleaning oven. No lie. We have so many foreign invaders in this country now that even pinche little manual labor gigs are beyond the aspirations of most young, urban Blacks. That leaves them with the option of living on the government tit or resorting to some sort of crime.

    Hey, don't take my word for it, check out the stats on how many Blacks are involved in the "criminal justice" system as I type. Unless there are drastic changes made, Americans, White and Black, will be obsolete.

    AIDS, gang-violence, "pimp-culture", all of that. It's pretty simple to look at the number of Americans who are Black and see it decreasing year by long will it be until there are no more?

    Just the facts, even if people don't like to hear them.

    Dan / Chicago

    Oh yeah...I'm not truly anonymous. The owner of this blog knows my real name, all that shit, and Dan, unlike "Mo", is my actual first name.

  14. Final notes to Anonymous/Dan/Chicago:

    While Democrats and Republicans share far too many atttributes, especially in our Congress in Washington--and always will, as long as there are "campaign contributions" to be made by the wealthy and corporations so they can get all the laws and government they want--the difference in 2000 alone was huge. Had we gone Democratic instead of Republican, we wouldn't have attacked Iraq w/ Dubya, against our own internal, national laws and against international law. More than 4415 American soldiers wouldn't be dead. We wouldn't have blown through 3 trillion dollars spending for it, either and we wouldn't have that corresponding debt.

    So saying Democrats and Republicans are the same or nearly so is nonsense. Sure, they're far too similar but they're not that close. If they were, perhaps Mittens Romney and the Republicans wouldn't have had their hats summarily handed to them as they did.

    Ah, the problems of black Americans in our society. That's such a huge topic I can't really deal with it here. Suffice to say, America is now reaping what it has sown after 400 years of ugly, vicious and stupid racism yet you and so much of America blame them totally, utterly for their situations, collectively. We have only to look at our prison system to prove it, too, so sure, blame the victims. It's what white people do in this country--and always have.

    Finally, you can't spell.

    And my name is Kevin.

  15. Mo Rage is dead on the money with reference to the war in my opinion.

    We will have to dissagree on the "Protected Class".

  16. Mo / Kevin, man, I hate to break this to you, but we would have attacked someone whether it was Bush, Kerry, or the Last of the Mohicans. Need a little Circus with your Bread, ya know.

    Oh yeah...Mr. O just been cleaning up after that evil old Bush all these years, right?!

    C' doesn't matter which of the partei's is on power, they aren't. All they do is lip[-synch for the banksters who REALLY have the power.

    And as far as Blacks, blame? Who said anything about blame? I'm really not up no that concept-I recovered from my Catholicism.

    I much prefer to talk about facts, and the way things are, not who's "to blame" for something. Doesn't matter if Mist' Charlie is "to blame" for the suffering of the downtrodden Black, all that matters is how are they going to deal with their situation.

    Cause guess what? Blacks don't step up and take care of their own bidness, then they ain't gon have any. The illegal invaders will be more than happy to take over any last vestiges of jobs and opportunities that Blacks have left if they get the chance.

    Close your eyes, close your mind, repeat that liberal mantra about "social progress" and so forth. Keep on ignoring the brown tide coming over our borders, and learn to speak Spanish, y'all.

  17. I'll give you this.

    Your racism is deeply, deeply entrenched.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  18. Really? That's the best you've got?

    I'm not racist, I'm a realist. You seem to be the one suffering from racism. Or are you one of the "only White's can be racist" crowd?!

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  20. I always love it when racists say something or some things blatantly racist and then blame the Liberal or anyone else for being the racist.

    That takes real chutzpah.

    Stupidity and absurdity but chutzpah.

    Oddly, strangely it happens a lot any more. Apparently, it's all the racists have to draw from.

  21. Blame the liberal????

    You're the one playing the blame game, homer. I'm just saying it as I see it.

    Blacks are being bulldozed by a combo of popular culture and an alien invasion, and Whites are right there with them. How is recognizing that racist?

    Seems all you have to "draw from" is the usual "poor me" crap so many spew, and I haven't even looked at your politics.

    So let's see...I don't care for The Annointed One, I disagree with your positions, aqnd I dare speak the truth and state that our Nation is under siege.

    Yup. Must be a racist.

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  23. To quote you, Anonymous/Dan:

    "Blacks are like a self-cleaning oven. No lie. We have so many foreign invaders in this country now that even pinche little manual labor gigs are beyond the aspirations of most young, urban Blacks. That leaves them with the option of living on the government tit or resorting to some sort of crime.

    Hey, don't take my word for it, check out the stats on how many Blacks are involved in the 'criminal justice' system as I type. Unless there are drastic changes made, Americans, White and Black, will be obsolete.

    AIDS, gang-violence, 'pimp-culture,' all of that. It's pretty simple to look at the number of Americans who are Black and see it decreasing year by long will it be until there are no more?"

    You asked.

    THAT racism.

    We bought them, we sold them, we owned them, we trashed them--Black Americans--for every bit of 400 years but their situation is all, completely, totally their own fault.

    Yeah. That racism. Your racism.

  24. Wrong again, Mo.

    Don't know who you mean by "we", but my people didn't come here until, oh, about ninety years ago, and they were brought here as serfs. Didn't own too many slaves.

    Were Blacks jacked-over? Oh yeah. We'll just discount the fact that they were sold by other Blacks and trafficed by Arabs, because that whole blame thing is lame.

    How many more decades of freedom will it take before Blacks are responsible for their own actions? How many more years before you can face the fact that you are responsible for your own fate, and the fact that your ancestors, a hundred-plus years ago, were slaves?

    To say "Blacks" is a disservice to the many responsible, hardworking people there are who are victimized my those of your mindset. PEople who want to work, raise families, live their lives, all without the ghetto-thug culture so pervasive in some levels of our society, Black and White.

    Those hardworking people are victimized every bit as much by well-meaning but misguided folk who continually excuse the behaviour of the worst of the worst with the refrain that "George Bush did it and you're a racist" IT denigrates everyone involved when the only people you can hold accountable have been dead these last hundred and some years.

    And just as a tag, you missed the entire point of my posting.

    Blacks AND Whites are losing their Nation. Blacks are losing it faster, because it turns out there isn't as many of them. WE are being squeezed out by a relentlessly growing mass from below the border that is pouring into this Nation illegally.

    Now, you may think nosotros son todos de color, but it ain't quite that easy. Unless you have a utopia out there in K.C., there isn't a whole huge outpouring of love for Blacks coming from the Latino community as a whole.

    Maybe you should try to chill on the Rage long enough to see what's going on around you-it isn't Blacks being oppressed by Mr. Charlie, it's Blacks AND Whites losing their birthright.

    And THAT'S racism.

    Dan / Chicago

  25. Wow. So much to respond to. Thanks.

    We'll start here;

    1) By "we", I thought you'd understand that I'm speaking of America and Americans since that's what we're talking about here--white American here in the US.

    2) Nice rationalization. Your take that since it was Arabs and other black people who sold the black people into slavery that that somehow makes it okay is weak, sad and wrong so I'll just dismiss it out of hand.

    3) You seem to think that merely calling someone black is pejorative (derogatory, negative) since you say that "To say 'Blacks' is a disservice to the many responsible, hardworking people...", blah, blah, blah. I use the term merely as the non-negative, more matter-of-fact descriptor of someone who has dark skin. You seem to equate the description or term black as being the same as "nigger." Or something.

    4) You're really lost with the whole "George Bush did it and you're a racist." There's no telling what you meant there.

    5) So, whitey is scared because blacks and Hispanics and women are gaining political and even financial power in his formerly all white man enclave of the good old USA. Well, get used to it and get over it, Anonymous/Dan. You aren't going to like the next 25 to 50 and more years, guaranteed. And you say "minority" like it's a negative thing. Huh.

    6) And we whiteys in the US are "being squeezed out by a relentlessly growing mass from below the border that is pouring into the nation illegally." Wow. Forget that the immigration rate has shrunk and shrunk drastically since all the rich white guys in all the rich, white uber-banks cleaned our national, collective clocks and started that pesky nationwide financial clustermuck from around 2008 that went international. Forget that.

    And now you say "there isn't a whole huge outpouring of love for Blacks coming from the Latino community as a whole." Must make it easy and okay for you to dislike (hate?) the blacks, too, doesn't it? Good for you.

    What "birthright", exactly, Anonymous/Dan from Chicago, are we supposedly losing? Describe that for me, please? Is that the rich, nearly all white one or what? Yes, I'm mocking you but I'm also serious. What "birthright", exactly, are we losing?

    You just can't stand having all these brown and black people around us, can you?

    Do you hate fags, too?

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  27. Mo, you should really hook-up with one of the people hooking for their products here and learn to read. You seem to be reading everything I write as exactly opposite of what it is.

    Let's see...

    1. White Americans. Well, I'd define it down a I said, most White Americans had absolutely no connection to slavery, or Jim Crow, or any of the other egregious instances of Black disenfranchisement.

    2. Ummm, no, I didn't write, or imply, that slavery was "okay". What I pointed out was that slavery was, unfortunately, an evil that crossed all lines of race, class, and nationality.

    3. Again, I did not write or imply that the descriptor "black", or the racial term "Black", is a pejorative. I pointed out that it is wrong to lump all Blacks into the same social construct. While a significant number of Blacks in America identify with the "Thug" culture, most do not. That was the sole and whole intent of my statement.

    4. "George Bush did it and you're a racist". Pretty obvious to anyone who isn't too impressed with themselves to own a sense of humor.

    5. "Whitey"...that sound pretty racist to me, but then, only Whites can be racist, right?

    I don't believe I mentioned anything about "Whitey" being scared, I simply pointed out the fact that our Nation is being flooded with illegal invaders. IF you believe that they will be kind to their little black brothers, well, there's one born every minute.

    6. You need to work on your reading comprehension there, Mo. Really.

    Of course, I never wrote or implied that "we Whites" are being squeezed-out, or anything close. What I wrote was this:

    "Blacks AND Whites are losing their Nation. Blacks are losing it faster, because it turns out there isn't as many of them. WE are being squeezed out by a relentlessly growing mass from below the border that is pouring into this Nation illegally"

    Pretty clear, eh? Blacks AND Whites. Together. Americans. Losing their birthright. The land that their fathers and grandfathers fought and died for. You seem to forget that it's been a few years since it was illegal for a Black to travel out of the States. I would think that if this was such a terrible, hopeless place, then more than a few would have started a migration out of the country.

    You just keep twisting and spinning and screaming "racist" there, Mo. It's about all you've got.

    Black AMERICANS and White AMERICANS are in this mess together. As are all the other hues of AMERICAN. The ones who aren't on our side are the millions of illegal invaders that are changing OUR country without OUR consent.

    See, that's the big difference between us, Mo. You are bent on assigning blame and holding on to your plantation mentality, and I am bent on working with AMERICANS to try to stop the flood of illegals transforming it into another Third-World socialist paradise.

    In case you missed it, I will point it out, and state it in terms that you MAY understand.

    I have no prejudice or hatred towards anyone baased on race, ethnicity, or who they go home to at night. If they are Americans, legally living here, and are willing to get accept me, then I'm good with them.

    Twist it however you like.

    Dan / Chicago

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  29. Anonymous/Dan;

    On your points, in response to mine:

    1) It was whites, here in the US, at the time slavery was established, that established it, period, as we know. It's history. Surely not even you can or will deny that. Our government, then--an extension of us--condoned it and made it legal and it lasted 250 years, approximately (nearly exactly) and its effects were felt over 400 years. So, THOSE whites. It was this country and this nation that took everything from them. It's hard to believe it needs to be said. But then you're white and don't know their history and certainly have no empathy for their/that situation, like too many/most white Americans;

    2) Yes, you did imply that slavery was okay because Arabs and blacks also sold their black brothers and sisters into slavery. Deny it if you will, as you are;

    3) You did imply that black is pejorative. Deny it all you wish, too. If
    you go back and read above, you'd see that (but you won't. Not without denial, anyway);

    4) "George Bush did it and you're a racist." No, still, no. Still doesn't make sense, in context or out;

    5) Whitey, as used above, was for satire. You're heard of satire, right?

    6) You didn't write about whitey being scared, out and out, but it's all over your screed, above. You and all the white, Right Wing, conservative males in the country are scared to death that there's a black man in the White House and, as I said above, more and more women and Hispanics and blacks and gays and all these minorities gaining power in the country. Oh, for the "good ol' days, eh, Dan?;

    7) Still with that losing our birthright thing? I ask again, what birthright? How is it we're losing this country? Because more Hispanics are coming into the country you say. Again, to repeat, that's the same thing they said about the East Europeans and Irish and all kinds of people over this nation's history. It's the same thing. I thought you'd have heard of the "melting pot" idea. Clearly you haven't;

    Actually, Anonymous/Dan, the difference between you and me is that you want to blame, clearly, Mexicans and Hispanics for coming here and I see no need to blame anyone for anything, actually, really.

    Happy holidays, Dan.