Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stoopid Soup.....a cure for what ails you.

What better area to do a low flyover in a jetliner, flanked by fighter jets, than in the general vicinity of the 9/11 WTC attack? How do you top that? Send a fire eater to the local children's burn unit? Needless to say it scared the hell out of people. They fled the buildings they were working in, some ran into the streets crying, panicked, all kinds of worst case scenarios running through their minds. As we all know, the airliner turned out to be an Air Force One 747 doing some kind of photo op. Obama says he is pissed off, the white house issued the expected statement peppered with shock and appal, and just the right touch of indignation. Some over paid ass hat, the director of the White House Military Office, Louis Caldera, issued a formal apology, saying that he authorized the whole thing. Are you fuckin kiddin me? That's it? He should have been issuing his apology from the parking lot, right after being fired for being an idiot, then flung from his office window. Sure there have been bigger blunders, more serious repercussions, but you have to start somewhere. Not a day goes by that some clown in a suit doesn't commit some blunder at the expense of the people they are charged with serving.

Here locally, when all else fails, piss money away on redeveloping a wasteland. Tony's Kansas City has a post and a couple of links regarding some group debating what type of business should go in a building, on the SW corner of Linwood and Troost, that has sat empty since Christ was in short pants. Not to be a wise ass, but I'd suggest a triage unit, or maybe another Cricket outlet. Any business that goes on that corner will fail. Slapping a new coat of paint on a structure that should be demolished and calling it progress is nothing more than a feel good project. It's all smoke and mirrors. It reminds me of the Economic Stimulus Package Project about to take place in the same area. The Gubmint is going to spend millions training people to install energy efficient windows in homes in the area. This same area has been featured in my urban blight series, and I've written countless posts about one crime after another. Triple pane windows don't stop bullets any better than single pane. Unless and until crime in the area along and east of troost is brought under control, progress is unattainable. You don't put new siding on a house that is infested with termites. First you get the termite problem under control, then you go about beautifying. Otherwise it's like wiping your ass before you shit, it doesn't make sense. The biggest danger on the city's east side doesn't come from the thugs and gangstas, it comes instead from the community organizers , special interest groups, and the long line of "activists" and "Leaders", who are constantly dipping their hands in the till. I've said it before, you can slap a saddle on a pig, enter it in the Kentucky derby, and call it a thoroughbred, but it's still a pig. Dressing up the east side won't cure what ills it. Fix the crime and the piss poor schools, then you can slap some paint on a rundown building and claim progress.

And finally, THE SWINE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oink oink. The past couple of days we have been bombarded with dire warnings, images of people in face masks, plummeting oil prices, talk of closing the borders, and a suspected arson fire on the first little pigs straw house. Shit is gonna get worse. My biggest fear is that the virus can be spread through over priced Mexican brick weed, aye carumba! I'm feeling woozy already.


  1. the outrage about them flying a plane over manhattan drowns the outrage about them flying a plane and 2 jets for no reason,I thought obama ordered to cut 100 mill in waste or whatever.bush is laughing his ass off wherever he is.

  2. It was not just a single low flyover. This thing circled lower Manhattan several times while being tailed by two fighter jets.

    It definitely looked more like a really slow dog fight than a photo op.

    I was not in NYC on 9/11, but you could taste the anxiety in the air when this shit got pulled.

    — NYC via Indep,Mo.

  3. Progress in these parts is tough to come by as well until the crime problems are in check. The latest: our police chief touts a recent downturn in crime, and then the local paper reports on 13 robberies over the same weekend the "downturn" is proclaimed.

    Spiffy new stores aren't gonna bring up an area all by their lonesomes.

  4. Flyover - stupid. Noted Chuckie Schumer blamed Bush admin. If Obama didn't know where one of his planes were, well, I'm not too confident he knows where the real enemies are.

    The Swine Flu. Somebody is gonna have to explain this some day. I mean this is not the swine flu. It is a swine,avian,human flu. Now, just how does this occur? We better Hope "they" have time to get this under control before half of us are too damn sick to even comment about it.

  5. It's the end of the world as we know it... and i feel fine.

  6. I'm a suit now, but I can't help but observe a general deterioration of common sense and a rise in stupidity in suits over the last twenty years.

    Although suits have been known in the past for being pompous asses and elitests, the dumb ass factor never seemed quite as noticable as it is now.

    Midtown, did you have to start smoking nasty brick weed because of the move to Independence? Have you developed a taste for cheap wine, wack and solvent sniffing, too?

    You should have moved to someplace classier and hipper where you can get skunk, sour diesel, white widow and the other premium bud.

  7. I just bought siding for my house, and found out it is infested with termites.

  8. I don't understand why the New Yorkers were so scared, if that had been a true attack there would never have been an Air Force jet following Air Force One.