Friday, July 31, 2009

Fast Eddie Friday...Uncle Ed gets raided then returns with a biographer.

Some posts just won't die. I was looking at my hit counter yesterday, and I noticed several hundred hits coming from a face book page, which ended up leading me to this, It seems our old friend, former Kansas City Childrens show and Late night host Uncle Ed Muscare has a biographer. You'll recall I've talked about Ed several times, none of the posts were very flattering. Uncle Ed got raided by the South Carolina Law enforcement authorities. Here is the opening first few sentences of Ed's bio: edarem gets visitors.....

At 9 a.m.on May 1, 2009, there was a loud knock on the back door. My dogs, Buddy, Buster and Lady were in the house with me. I jumped out of bed wondering "Who the heck could that be? I went to the door and opened it a crack and 5 armed probation agents came in declaring, "Where's your computer?"

Ed's you tube page blew up after picked up my April post and the video of Ed's dog suckling him as he did his best Crypt Keeper imitation. Every few days I'll get an email from some supporter of Muscare, from the context and wording of the email it's obvious that the sender is young or semi literate at best. Ed has some loyal fans, I'll give him that. One of the recurring themes from those emails has been, " He did his time leave him alone. He has changed."

Does this sound like change you can believe in? " I sat there dazed. Then I got angry. Not at the officers who invaded my house and took my property. No. I was angry at the lawmakers imposing penalties and restrictions on ALL sex offenders regardless of their offense."
And then there is this: " Back in 1986, when I was attending a birthday party in Orlando, Florida, I had fondled a 14 year-old family member. I was caught and arrested. I was sentenced to 18 months in prison and 10 years probation. That was my sex offense."
Now, here, in Orangeburg, South Carolina, 23 years later, 5 law enforcement officers are in my house going through my computer".

The problem I had with Ed, at least in my posts, wasn't that he was a Pedophile, but that he was a Pedo with a computer and an audience of potential victims. My post backfired and ultimately drove a whole lot of traffic, and youngsters to his creepy you tube site. It also drew the attention of the local Law enforcement folks to a potential predator in the Internet playground. It was never my intention to do anything beyond write a post for the few hundred readers of this blog. There was no grand illusions that I was some kind of Internet enforcer. I just write and rant.
Ed is your typical sex offender, the victimizer who sees himself as victim. He has that twisted logic that says "Hey, I only got caught once" "I just fondled a 14 year old relative at a birthday party full of kids" That's what makes adults who prey on children so dangerous, they lack the ability to accept accountability, even when they admit the crime they down play it, or flip it back on the victim. So there will be no sympathy for Ed Muscare/ Edarem coming from me. He can find sympathy in the dictionary, between shit and syphilis. I'm pleased for whatever small part I played in bringing the attention of this creep to the local cops. Now this Phil character has picked up the baton for Muscare. He runs Ed's YouTube page, he writes Ed's biased Bio. I know nothing of Phil, maybe he is a fellow offender, maybe he is just an idiot looking to live vicariously through the traffic that is drawn to Ed's you tube site. I wonder if Phil has children, and if he does, would he allow this harmless old man to sit alone with them. The answer, sadly is he probably would. People like Muscare, Phil, and Ed's followers just don't get it. Sometimes just serving your time doesn't settle the debt. Some debts you must pay in perpetuity.


  1. He's just a harmless old man. Eddie Gein was just a harmless little nut. Charlie Manson was just a harmless hippie. Ed Kemper was just a harmless teddy bear. Josef Mengele was a doctor. A doctor, I tell you! Completely harmless. Let them live their lives in peace! Or wipe the sleep from your eyes and do something about it.

  2. Ed is your typical sex offender, the victimizer who sees himself as victim.

    Interesting point. I never knew that was typical behavior, but I read the Pitch's cover story a couple days ago and that guy was playing victim too. He can't maintain a relationship, the girls' pictures he had were partially clothed, he went through tough times as a kid, etc.

  3. I didn't know he was living in South Carolina! Geeze, we get all the nuts.

  4. He can find sympathy in the dictionary, between shit and syphilis.

    Love it.

  5. Good for you Midtown! I am sure they will find all kinds of "interesting", "harmless" items on his computer. I hope he gets put away for good this time! I have always thought he was creepy, I couldn't watch him when I was a kid because he made my stomach turn and the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Now we know why.

  6. I am sure too that they found all kinds of "harmless" and "interesting" items on his computer. None of that was illegal thou.

    My Ex-girl friend was a pedo for a while, she turned 18 few months before i turned 16. Didn't feel too violated:D

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